Monday, October 10, 2016

How to select a Backpack??

Every adventure is not complete without a good backpack. Backpack is a must item for every adventurer. But this necessity leads to a very important topic i.e. selection of backpack. Selecting a backpack is very important thing as the level of fun during your adventure depends on it. So let’s take a look on it.

To select a backpack, let’s first know the different types of backpacks. This information will definitely help you to select a perfect backpack for you. Basically there are four types in which we can divide all the backpacks; viz. Daypacks, Rucksacks, Alpine Packs and lastly Expedition Sacks.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to 'Dispose Off' at campsite?

Now-a-days we hear a lot about maintaining cleanliness on camping sites; especially about ‘Disposing of Human Waste’.
Trekking is a huge concept; and maintaining cleanliness is just a small aspect of it. I have been writing a lot of articles through my blog regarding the rules & regulations to be followed while trekking. ‘Disposing of human waste’ is one of the rule from these regulations. In fact, it’s a common sense. We learnt this in school already. Then you may think, what to discuss on it suddenly. But it has become important to make new and upcoming trekkers & outdoor enthusiast aware about these rules & regulations as the unawareness in this regards is turning to a disaster to environment.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hiking Gear Check List

Sometimes it happens that when starting a trek, we notice that we have forgotten to pack a particular item which was very important and without that the whole trek turns out to be a mess.
These days, hiking and trekking is done throughout the year. It starts from mid of June and lasts till April. Many people plan for overnight treks, camping and trekking throughout the year. So many times, enthusiasts just stuff their backpack and leave for trek. But sometimes it happens that when starting a trek, they notice that they have forgotten to pack a particular thing which was an important item and without that item the whole trek turns out to be a mess. So here you can find a check list that will help you to crosscheck the items that should be packed in before leaving for a trek; so that you enjoy your trek and nature well!